Renewable energy sources


Heinen Electrotech became active in the field in 2007, much earlier than most other installers, by building and implementing its first 10 kWc photovoltaic power plant on its workshop roof. 

Since then, we have installed several hundred units of all sizes on flat and sloped roofs, on the ground and on trackers for private individuals and companies.

Industrial co-generation

Heinen Electrotech carries out studies of medium- and low-voltage distribution for industrial co-generation and handles the entire electrical installation.

Wind power

Heinen Electrotech is a stakeholder in developing wind farms, notably, for medium-voltage equipment needs. 

We manage custom designs, development, assembly and connections for the medium-voltage equipment in the foot of wind turbine masts and in the nacelle for connection to the distribution network. 

We also install underground connector, power and optical fibre cables and make all connections.