Electrotechnical consulting

Renovation and upgrading to new standards 

Heinen Electrotech will fully analyse your installation and bring it up to current standards. The operation begins with a site survey using sophisticated measurement instruments. 

We will coordinate our analysis with an approved technical organisation to determine the measurements needed. Based on analysis results, we will then propose the best solutions available to bring your installation up to the most current standards and requirements in effect.

Improving existing installations

In addition to installation upgrading, or as part of an independent project, Heinen Electrotech will also do long-term measurements to evaluate the consumption (continuous and peaks) of your installation’s different circuits and users. The measurements will generally enable better consumer distribution. A minor change can often ensure that our customers don’t need to make new investments to increase power.

Energy savings

Thanks to the calculation of consumption costs and change advice and planning, Heinen Electrotech helps you identify solutions that make a real difference for energy savings. For example, we may recommend that you replace your existing lighting with more modern equipment. This will enable you take a decision with all information in hand based on an analysis of your lighting and a return on investment calculation for the planned work.